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One (unsubstantiated) legend says that the founders discovered the Pensieve half-buried in the ground on the very spot where they decided to erect their school.


We are creatures of the underworld. We can’t afford to love.


 Emma Swan » 10 gifs per episode: s02e18

#ughhhhhhhhh this little moment #how to explain what this moment means to me???? #on the one hand you've got emma instinctively looking at killian (like she always does) #and you can tell she's about to automatically say something until their eyes meet and her words falter #and then there's him glancing right back to her and in that second #it's an acknowledgement on both their halves that they have something #(of course he's never shied away from that - only she has) #but not just that - emma knows what he's thinking #or rather what he's fearing #that maybe she'll want to go back to Neal now that they've found him #she knows he's afraid of that #and in turn she then worries that this is going to be another thing that turns him away from her #that he'll give up #that he'll turn away and he'll stop pursuing her #and it's the same with every single moment involving neal and the two of them #emma always always always looks at killian #she doesn't want him to give up - turn away - stop pursuing her - #that's what SHE fears #and it's so freaking stupid and ridiculous and frustrating and painful to watch #if they would just realise how much they mean to each other!!!!!!!!!!! #emma could see that he'll never give up on her unless she explicity tells him to #and only her #and killian could see how much she wants everything he has to offer #that he is enough - more than enough - to her #that she doesn't ever want him to give up #ughhhhhhhhhhhhh #if it didn't make for great viewing i would probably throttle them both 
Q: Can you write actors in a romcom who actually end up falling in love au trope? cs


A/N: AUs are everything. (Also, I know nothing about making movies).


Killian takes his time flipping through his script – the pages worn and the spine bent from previous days of filming – thumbing each page before reaching the correct one. He leans back in his chair, bringing his ankle across his knee as the rest of the cast and crew move about behind him – setting cameras, making costume changes, set changes – and sets his eyes on the page in front of him. He tries to focus on it, to keep his eyes on the small black print, but as per usual, they drift.

Her eyes are down, script tight in her hands as she sits cross legged on her chair – Emma Swan printed neatly on the back of it. Her head is down, blonde curls tucked behind her ear on one side so he can how she bites and chews on her lip.

(She has a habit of doing that.)

(It’s distracting.)

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Gratuitous gifsets of Hook’s face: (42/∞)


her cute little smile when she realizes what he just said. she’s not used to this. and she’s important. he wanted her presence, he wanted to be with her and he came looking for her and this is so important for her. she’s feeling loved. in this moment she feels very much loved, and she expresses in her own way, smiling.


do you ever read people’s tags and get like damn why can’t I hang out with this majestic funny motherfucker